All About Pets

Dear pet owners, have you ever said any of these words in your pet-loving history?

“Argh!  How am I ever going to clean this doggy doo out of my carpet, or, how do I keep the cat from peeing on the floors?”

If so, believe us that you are not alone…

In Canada there are 8 million household cats and almost 6 million dogs.  That translates to 40% of Canadians with a household pet.  Even more incredible are the numbers in the US.  A staggering 85 million cats and 78 million dogs equating to 44% of the population …that’s a lot of little biodegradable plastic bags and kitty litter!

So, when Gary the Great Dane, or Penny the Persian has a happy accident in the middle of the family room rug 5 minutes before company arrives, or on the painstakingly selected carpet for your master bedroom, what should you do?

The key to dealing with any pet accident on your wool carpet (or any other kind of floor covering for that matter) is attending to is as soon as it occurs.  While this is not always possible, it is the most effective way to remove lingering stains and odors.  For more detailed care and cleaning instructions, please refer to our Care & Maintenance Guide, or give us a call, as we’ve advised on nearly every scenario you could possibly imagine!

We love hearing the outcome of how stain nightmares can turn into carpet cleaning success stories when it comes to man’s best friends and their accidents, so please don’t be shy about sharing.

Stay tuned for one of our favorite examples: The long weekend I locked a raccoon in the house with our cat…oh boy!