Why Choose Wool?

One of the main reasons we love wool carpet so much (and you should too!) is because it has been THE go-to fiber used to make carpet for hundreds of years… make no mistake about it: wool is the superior floor covering textile and it’s hard to argue with the straight facts about all of its amazing features and benefits.

There has been no shortage of attempts to replicate the softness, resiliency and natural beauty of wool,  and in the last 20 years some have done a pretty good job; however, wool maintains its spot at the top and remains one of nature’s most prolific gifts. Renewable, sustainable, naturally stain resistant and, as a carpet fiber, it often lasts twice as long as its synthetic counterparts.

Wool and wool producers may not have the marketing budgets of the synthetic goliaths such as Stainmaster or 3M, but Colin Campbell and its family of companies have been promoting the benefits of wool for over 100 years.  We believe, and are fairly confident, that you will too.

Stay tuned for more Why Wool? stories from the archives of our experiences.